MAS-02 Table Top Stud Welding Machine
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MAS-02 Table Top

MAS-02 Table Top data sheetMAS-02 Table Top data sheet


  • inexpensive, flexibly applicable system for stationary stud welding
  • applicable for all stud welding methods (can be equipped with welding heads for short cycle, drawn arc and capacitor discharge stud welding)
  • individually adaptable for every welding task
  • can be equipped with different workpiece mounting devices (e.g. movable device, turntable)
  • can be equipped with up to three welding heads
  • ideal for cost-effective serial production of small parts
  • manual or automatic stud feeding
  • simple handling
  • short retooling time
  • simultaneous fixation and grounding of workpiece
  • excellent, high quality welds
  • highest accuracy in positioning of welding elements

Technical Data

Welding range ø 2-12mm (other ø on inquiry)
Stud length 6-40mm (other lengths on inquiry)
Stud type flanged studs (other stud types on inquiry)
Desk plate aluminum T-slot plate
  • two-hand safety release of welding procedure
  • freely programmable control
  • compact and space saving
  • continuous height adjustment up to 80mm (standard)
  • simulation of welding process with function control and lift adjustment on welding head (set up operation)
  • robust and solid construction made from aluminum profiles
  • big, from all sides easily accessible desk top made from aluminum with T-slots
  • ergonomic arrangement of control elements
  • connections pluggable (for quick assembly and easy maintenance
  • electronic function monitoring
  • reliable and durable through high quality mechanical components
  • pneumatic workpiece clamps with integrated mass transmission (optional)
  • CE conformity
Compressed air supply 6 bar, 90psi
Working lift (welding head) 80mm
Dimensions (WxHxL) 450x530x550mm
Weight 60.5lbs, 27.5kg
Suitable welding units all stud welding units for drawn arc, short cycle, and capacitor discharge stud welding
Suitable welding heads KHA-200F, KKA-200F

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